Planned Features for WebScarab for Eclipse

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Planned for Milestone M2

  • SSL support
  • Content History View: View message content by content type (images, html, xml, etc.)
  • Cookie Tracker
  • Allow for activation of multiple triggers at once
  • Parameter Fuzzer
  • Import / Export Triggers
  • Customize existing triggers
  • Automatically change web browser proxy settings
  • Fragments
  • Support for Beanshell
  • Manual Request
  • Branding Plugin
  • Add required EMF libraries to distribution

Planned for Milestone M3

  • HTTP Summary order by site (as tree)
  • Triggers as high level rules
  • Record messages to database
  • Advanced message analysis functionality
  • Trigger filter for ad removal, JavaScript removal
  • Help Documentation
  • Support for JavaScript triggers

Planned for Milestone M4

  • Support for proxy on external machine
  • Session ID Analysis
  • SOAP Engine
  • Standalone RCP version

    If you would like to see support for a particular feature that is not listed here please enter them in the tracker.